Shannon Holato rocks! Seriously! She’d stomp us if we made this stuff up! So, trust us when we say we are stoked to announce that Shannon has taken the Red Pill! Not the blue one, but the kick-ass red one.

Shannon will be working with key clients on their email marketing and social media strategies and implementations. We’re sure you know Shannon from her years at Bronto where she managed their Agency Partner Program; or perhaps from her sparkling Tweets. She rocks, period. Having Shannon join our team feels almost as good as the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup (note to self: fire Canadian ghost blogger).

“I knew I’d have to give up being known as the pretty one of the group”, said John Caldwell, “but we had to have her. Jeremy’s been getting tired of carrying our sorry-ass Wii bowling team, so we see this as a strategic acquisition. The fact that she is stellar at managing client relationships and expectations, and really knows her email and social media stuff doesn’t hurt, either.”

When reached for comment on the recent acquisition, Luke Glasner stated, “After giving Shannon the red pill and testing her response rate, then comparing the results to average Wii bowling scores, our data shows that her conversion rates strike high. When you include her attention to detail and commitment to her clients, it adds up to Shannon making a great addition to the team.”

Jeremy Grecco said,
<comment>Having been with Red Pill Email since its beginning, I’m excited that we’ve found someone with exemplary Wii bowling skills to join our firm.  I get tired of being laughed at by the other avatars when Luke or John lets one fly into the crowd.  Shannon’s social media knowledge and experience, and her project management skills, are certain to help us take Red Pill Email to the next level!</comment>

When asked her thoughts about joining Red Pill Email, Shannon said, “I’ve known John for a few years and can confirm that he sucks at air hockey, too.  Not only am I excited to bring some estrogen to Red Pill Email, but I look forward to picking brains and sharing knowledge. This is an awesome partnership and I can’t wait to dive in; and joining the bowling team is pretty exciting, too.”

It’s pretty plain to see that Shannon rocks, and it’s #awesomesauce to have someone with Shannon’s talent and marketing experience join Red Pill Email! Welcome Shannon!