Wow, that was fast-probably because the work we do is so enjoyable and satisfying.

Today marks 12 years since I founded Red Pill Email.

In that time we have helped more than 50 companies select and integrate email service providers and have helped dozens of companies migrate from one email vendor to another.

Our focus from the beginning has never been on finding clients the so-called “best” vendor. Rather it has always been on finding and integrating the right vendor for clients’ specific needs.

We have worked with clients ranging from agencies and retailers to financial institutions. Lately our strength lies in the financial sector because, as it turns out, once we get our foot in the door in one division we tend to expand our support to others. It’s gratifying that organizations with such specific and sensitive needs trust us with such a crucial part of their business.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some really smart people, Kelly Dedman, Shannon Holato, and Luke Glasner among them.

Currently, I have the honor of working with two of the sharpest minds in email marketing: Jeremy Grecco, the house data-and-technology nerd and, Jeanne Jennings, the house email-strategy nerd.

And, yes, if you’re speaking to a person in a position of authority at Red Pill Email, their name begins with “J.”

For lack of a better word, the world of commercial email seemed smaller 12 years ago. The industry used to consist mainly of standalone email service providers, some of which have since been purchased by big companies for big dollars. Bigfoot, DoubleClick Email, e-Dialog, ExactTarget, Silverpop, CheetahMail, Responsys and Lyris Technologies come to mind.

Then there are the companies that came and went. Remember GoodMail Systems@f0

For the most part, though, email marketing has offered steady, lucrative careers for anyone lucky enough to have accidentally found themselves in the industry.

I say “accidentally” because no one plans to go into email marketing. They just end up here, and when they do, they generally stay.

And why not@f1 Email marketing is incredibly interesting and gratifying. That is as long as you’re okay with working in an industry where the answer to every question is: “It depends.”

But as maddening as email marketing’s vagaries can be, as someone who has actually pushed the “send” button many times I can tell you email can offer near-instant gratification.

There is little that is more thrilling business-wise than optimizing an email program somehow or tweaking a program here and there, and then hitting “send” and watching key performance indicators improve.

In email marketing, when you’ve done your job the numbers show it and there is no disputing it.

In any case, to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the last 12 years: Thank you. It’s been an honor. And here’s to many more years to come.