(Huntington Beach, CA, Colorado Springs, CO Oct. 16, 2013) Red Pill Email-a leading provider of email consultation, vendor selection and technology integration-today announced it has signed an integration partnership agreement BombBomb, an email-marketing-solution and video-hosting provider.

Under the agreement, Red Pill Email can offer integration services for BombBomb’s email marketing and video-hosting solution.

“As a vendor-agnostic email-integration-services provider, Red Pill Email does not accept money from vendors,” said John Caldwell, founder of Red Pill Email. “We are not a reseller. This is not a financial arrangement. But under this agreement, if our clients decide BombBomb is the solution for them, we can now provide the third-party expertise and technical services to implement their choice.”

Caldwell added: “Video email is a hot topic in marketing right now. We anticipate many of our clients will want to explore it. BombBomb has been all about video email since the day it was founded. We are excited to add BombBomb to the list of email service providers we can confidently recommend and implement for our clients.”

With this agreement, Red Pill Email can now help clients migrate seamlessly from their former platform to BombBomb, or start their email program with BombBomb from scratch.

Conor McCluskey, founder and CEO of BombBomb, said: “BombBomb offers a smart streaming technology that allows our clients to give their customers a seamless video playback experience regardless of their device or Internet connection. This agreement with Red Pill Email gives us the added advantage of being able to connect our clients with one of email marketing’s most widely recognized technical consulting teams.”

Red Pill Email’s integration partnership with BombBomb comes on the heels of a partnership announcement with email validation provider LeadSpend, marketing automation and messaging provider Silverpop and email service provider Brick Street Software. It is also one of a string of Red-Pill-Email partnerships expected to be announced in the future.

About Red Pill Email: As publisher of the annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide, Red Pill Email has an unparalleled overview of the vendor landscape. Red Pill is the agency behind other agencies and vendors. From vendor selection to technology implementation, Red Pill Email has helped hundreds of clients build their email programs from the ground up and revamp existing ones.

About BombBomb: BombBomb is an email-marketing-solutions and video-hosting provider that allows clients to “be there in person without being there in person.” BombBomb allows senders to deliver seamless video experiences via email to recipients on any device, regardless of Internet connection, with no need for anyone to download anything.