(New York, NY and Huntington Beach, CA, April 8, 2013) Red Pill Email—a leading provider of email consultation, vendor selection and technology integration—today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with LeadSpend to provide technical integration services of LeadSpend’s cutting-edge email-validation product.

“As email hygiene continues to grow in importance, email-address validation is becoming more and more critical,” said John Caldwell, founder and CEO of Red Pill Email. “This partnership allows our tech teams to collaborate and offer validation services to our clients seamlessly.”

LeadSpend’s address-validation service allows clients to automatically check the validity of newly supplied email addresses and addresses already on their files. During signup, LeadSpend automatically checks to see if the address supplied is valid and if it’s not, delivers a prompt asking for another address.

“Email address validation is particularly important for retailers who collect addresses at point of sale,” said Craig Swerdloff, co-founder and CEO of LeadSpend. “Often the sales clerk has no real motivation to make sure the address is accurate. Of course, customers occasionally mistype or intentionally supply fake addresses.”

LeadSpend is also critical in non-retail settings where it can prevent mistyped or fake email addresses from being entered into clients’ databases, and provide ongoing list validation.

“With LeadSpend we’re giving our clients one less thing to worry about,” said Caldwell.

About Red Pill Email: As publisher of the annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide, Red Pill Email has an unparalleled overview of the vendor landscape. Red Pill is the agency behind other agencies and vendors. From vendor selection to technology implementation, Red Pill Email has helped hundreds of clients build their email programs from the ground up and revamp existing ones.

About LeadSpend: LeadSpend is a leading provider of hosted email-address-validation services. Customers use LeadSpend’s solutions at the point of address registration to ensure the collection of valid email addresses. They also use it to indentify bad addresses on an ongoing basis to ensure clean, deliverable email lists.