In mid-October, we will begin the process of pulling together Red Pill Email’s 2017 ESP Features & Functions Guide, the only vendor guide put together by a professional who has actually been an email marketer.

Any mid-market and/or enterprise email service provider is welcome to participate at no charge. This year’s guide will not include small-market vendors because users of those types of ESPs rarely if ever use guides.

As always, the Red Pill Email ESP Features & Functions Guide will be aimed at helping users of email deployment services find the email service provider that is the best fit for their particular needs. It is not aimed at driving would-be clients to choose a vendor simply because it scored well by offering a slew of bells and whistles, many of which will not be needed by that particular sender.

Also as always, the guide will cover everything from security to segmentation by posing a series of yes no questions. The results will be a series of binary scores indicating whether or not a particular vendor offers a particular feature or function, and if it does, the level of expertise required to leverage it.

This way, a user of deployment services is far less likely to select a vendor based on some features and functions and find out after it’s too late their expertise level does not match the requirements of the vendor’s features.

Topics covered will also include pricing options, geographic areas served, professional services offered, targeted verticals, supported browsers, and deliverability and list-hygiene services offered and many others.

New this year: Besides the usual yes/no questions, the 2017 version of the guide will also offer series of open-ended questions so vendors can explain some of their features and functions in more detail.

What is more, vendors will be given the opportunity to tell their stories essay style at the end of the guide. The essays will serve to indicate to users of email deployment services what certain vendors believe differentiates them from the others. They will also help guide users to determine whether or not a vendor’s business philosophies are in alignment with theirs.

Surveys for the Red Pill Email 2017 ESP Features & Functions Guide will become available in mid-October. The guide will be ad supported but no fee is required for any vendor to participate.

To participate in the guide, contact me at