Earlier ths week in an email interview with Rory Carlyle by Scott Cohen I’d commented that Rory was on my short list of rising email stars.  Josh over at SendLabs asked in a tweet when I was going to post my list.  I guess now is a good time….

Let me share my criteria before I start naming names.  Since I draw the line on email veterans as more than seven years, I’m drawing the line on rising stars at less than seven years.  All have actually hit the send button on email campaigns and all but one comes from the client side; and all are people that I know, have worked with, or have caught my attention for one reason or another.

So without further adieu, here is my short list of rising email stars….

Luke Glasner, Glasner Consulting; 6 years Luke is co-chair of the Email Experience Council’s Measurement Accuracy Roundtable, co-manager of the LinkedIn Email Geeks Group, and a close personal friend.  If you know Luke, you know why he tops this list.

Jennifer Harstad, Online Marketing Manager, Frederick’s of Hollywood; 6 years– I first met Jennifer when she was with Teleflora creating totally cool B2B2C email programs.  While a lot of people talk about persona marketing, Jennifer is busy practicing it at Frederick’s of Hollywood.  She’s always making cool stuff happen.

Rory Carlyle, Email Marketing Manager, United Business Media – TechWeb; 5 years – I had the unique opportunity to hang out with Rory for about a week between this past Christmas and New Years when he came out for a visit.  We talked a lot of email, and let me tall ya, Rory knows his email!

Frances Dugan, Email Marketing Analyst, Permanent General Companies; 5 years – I noticed Frances about a year ago.  I liked her perspective and her approach to email.  She’s sharp, she’s aware, and instinctively knows that a key to successful email marketing is having a good process for developing, executing, and analyzing email programs.

Scott Cohen, Marketing Copywriter, Western Governors University; 4 years – Scott loves email; there’s no question about it.  In addition to being the email department at WGU and a new dad, he finds time to blog at The Email Zoo and Scott Writes Everything.  He had me at being the email department….

Remy Bergsma, Senior Email Marketing Specialist, Blinker; 4 years – Remy is the only one on this list out side of the US.  I met Remy on Twitter.  I think he’s got a good head for email.  Since he’s from the Netherlands, I think one of us is staying up much too late. 

Chelsea Warfel, Email Marketing Manager, AutoAnything; 3 years – Chelsea holds the distinct honor of being the impetus for this list.   Her email skills and abilities belie her time in the space.  Chelsea is a natural with email; making it happen and moving it forward.

Amy Garland, Marketing Manager, Blue Sky Factory; 2 years – Amy is unique in that she does email marketing for an ESP.  Imagine having the same deployment and production pressures that the average email marketer has, then imagine having them from an ESP with the same objectives as any other business.  I can’t imagine, but I’ll be watching….

Kari Hiscox, Email Marketing Specialist, eHarmony.com; 2 years – Kari is new on my radar.  I just met her last December.  When I talk email with Kari I know that I’m talking with someone who has lived on the front line of a high-volume high-pressure production environment.  I’ve been there, I know; and I know that she knows that I know, because she knows, ya know@f3

So, there you go; my short list of rising email stars.

Who’s on your list and why?