It’s time once again for my annual Short List of Rising Email Stars.  In previous years client side email marketers have been acknowledged in even numbered years and the vendor side in odd.  That changed in 2014 when both client and vendor side email marketers were included together. This year’s list is short – very short. It’s all women, and they all represent companies that have been seen here before.

And so, without further gilding the lily,

And with no more ado,

I give to you my 2016 list of rising email stars….

Rachel Gray – Business Development Executive at GetResponse: 1.5 years – I met Rachel at first on the Twitter and then IRL this year at the Sherpa conference. I was surprised that I hadn’t met her before, and then I discovered she’s only been in the industry for about a year and a half. It’s sometimes said that “email” picks you first and what happens after that is up to you. I think “email” picked Rachel and then she picked it right back jumping in with both feet and not slowing down since.  I like Rachel’s fresh perspective and look forward to seeing her continued involvement in the email industry.

Allison Kelly – Enterprise Marketing Strategy & Technology Consultant at BlueHornet: 4 years – I met Allison a few years ago at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami; she was just getting started in the email industry or hadn’t been in for long. It was easy to tell that she was serious about the email industry and that nothing would be in her way. Here we are a few years later and she’s one of the most plugged-in people I know with agencies and end-users in the South East. Allison knows the value of making and sharing connections; she’s often the rising tide lifting all boats.

Sarah LaRusso – Sr. Email Campaign Specialist at Road Runner Sports: 5 years – It takes a special person with a special skill set to keep up with the volume and complexity of Road Runner Sports’ email marketing programs; Sarah makes it look easy. I don’t know if it was her days with the NHL that prepared her for her current role or if it’s just her natural organizational and time management skills that keep her ahead of a hectic campaign schedule as she cranks out flawless campaigns one after the other all day long. Everyone scored here!