When you hear, “We live to deliver”, do you think of FedEx or Jaren Angerbauer?  We think of Jaren. And deliverability.  Email deliverability.  Because Jaren knows email deliverability.  And if we’re going down the deliverability rabbit hole, we want to go with Jaren.  So we gave him the Red Pill and brought him in as a consultant on the team.

Jaren will be working with clients to better help them navigate the ever-changing environment surrounding email deliverability.  His many years of experience with deliverability strategies, compliance with technology standards, email authentication, and regulatory compliance helps reduce deliverability issues while helping to keep our client’s email in the Inbox. 

“We knew right away we had to have Jaren”, commented John Caldwell, “His Wii bowling scores are off the chart, and he’s pretty good with a viola, too.  This is a real win for us.  Jaren brings a deep understanding of all the moving parts of email deliverability and what it takes to deliver to the Inbox consistently.  I don’t think that there is a deliverability problem that Jaren can’t solve.”

Luke Glasner went on, “It all adds up.  By my calculations, Jaren’s Wii bowling scores could really raise our tournament standings.”  Luke went on to say, “The best message sent from the fanciest platform doesn’t give us much to measure if never makes it to the Inbox.  Jaren’s knowledge of sending best practices, permission and privacy standards, and email authentication make him a smart addition to the team.”

Jeremy Grecco said,
<comment>I like Wii bowling as much as the next guy, but these people take it to a new level.  I think that they’re nuts, but they’re a lot of fun to be around.  I’m just happy to have someone on the team with exemplary technical skills, hands-on network and database management experience, and can play the viola.  Jaren’s unique skill set on the deliverability side of email is something that you just don’t see everyday, making him a great complement to the Red Pill Email team.</comment>

“I’m just so happy to not be the ‘new kid’ anymore”, said Shannon Holato. “And I’m excited that our Wii bowling team might finally have a chance at a trophy.  Jaren rocks when it comes to deliverability, too.  He’s both strategic and tactical in his approach to solving email deliverability problems, and goes out of his way to educate clients on sender best practices, what their sender reputation is, and how to keep it clean.”

When we caught up with Jaren he told us, “I give my kids 100% credit for teaching me how to Wii bowl.  But personally, I’m a big fan of the New Super Mario Brothers Wii.  I’m happy to join the Red Pill Email team, and am excited to have the opportunity to evangelize good deliverability strategies, and to help clients get their messages delivered to the Inbox.”

Please help us in welcoming Jaren to the Red Pill Email team!