We are pleased to have this guest post from long-time anti-spam warrior, Neil Schwartzman, Executive Director of CAUCE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email.

As most will recall, a group calling themselves STOPhaus undertook an infamous Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on security service Spamhaus back in March 2013.

In April, one of the people involved with the attack, Sven Olaf Kamphuis was arrested in Spain on a warrant issued by Dutch authorities.

STOPhaus has been quiet for a while, but this past week Andrew Stephens, another leader of the movement began to gather up support for another attack, this one called #OPHaushurt which ostensibly started Saturday, August 17.

Notable are Stephens’ allegations regarding various groups and companies supposedly associated with Spamhaus:

https://pastebin.com/x6ehctPc cites M3AAWGTime WarnerAOL, and Facebook  as Spamhaus’ “Corporate Monger sponsors” (sic).

Stephens also makes note of associations with Team Cymru and Cloudflare in other posts. He goes on to give warning to “Any and all supporters of Spamhaus will be subject to attack.  Any and all ISPs that give in to extortion from Spamhaus without evidence will be attacked.  Any and all domain registrars that give in to blackmail will be attacked.  Any and all ISPs that fail to disclose the fact that they allow Spamhaus to censor user’s email accounts without their knowledge will be dealt with.”

A post entitled Andrew Stephens: Who will be the voice of reason in this Operation? in the #OPHausHurt Facebook group expands the assemblage STOPHaus has a hate-on for

Dirty cops on payroll
Dirty Business Registrant Agents
Return Path

Stephens goes on to allege that “I think Spamhaus’ blacklists and their ability to tell Gov. and Courts to suck their balls has created a bit of fear in the “Powers that Be”.”

That’s quite a list, but what is an ice-cream sundae without a cherry on top? From the @STOPhaus twitter account, we see that marketing columnist Ken Magill is also on the STOPhaus hit list

Oh no!








Ultimately, nothing much has happened by way of attacks; so much so Andrew ended up wondering ‘where did everybody go?’ on the Facebook group:

“It got a little quiet in here. May I ask if there was any reason for that or is everyone just enjoying their Saturday? Just want to be sure we are all in unison here.”

This cyberwar probably isn’t over just yet, but for now, ‘all quiet on the western front’.