On Thanksgiving Day, we’re supposed to pause and give thanks for the things we’re grateful for before we carbohydrate ourselves into a stuffing- and gravy-filled stupor.

On a personal level, I have a lot to be thankful for.

But there is one thing everyone reading this post has to be thankful for: Email marketing.

Yes, we should all be thankful for email marketing. Think about it: No one has ever grown up saying they wanted to go into email marketing as a profession. Everyone who is in email marketing in any fashion has arrived here by accident.

Yet, email—while getting little to no respect in some quarters—is the most powerful arrow in any marketer’s quiver. It’s a fascinating subject and the more you study it, the more fascinating it gets. I love how the answer to every question in email is: “It depends.”

Email forces its professionals to think creatively and exercise a healthy amount of curiosity and intellectual inquiry on a daily basis.

There are a lot of people in mind-numbingly repetitive jobs who would love the mental challenges we face.

Then there’s the email-marketing community. They’re a fine bunch of human beings who are actually fun to be around—even when we’re arguing, which we do a lot.

At Red Pill Email, we are keenly aware of how fortunate we are. And we show our gratitude by giving back.

We volunteer time where we can and give money to some select charities we believe provide vital services.

For example, for those who don’t know, I am an avid sailor. Every year I donate my services and time on my boat to a local group called Panthers @ Sea.

On Panthers at Sea Day once a year, boat owners from Long-Beach-California-area yacht clubs provide their boats for the day to give inner-city students—many of whom have never been on the water before—a chance to experience sailing.

While the program is positioned as a way to reward students, I can honestly say at the end of each Panthers at Sea Day, I am the one who comes away feeling truly rewarded.

We give time and money to the Long Beach Children’s Clinic. The clinic was founded in 1939 by a group of physicians and community leaders who recognized the importance of access to healthcare for all children, particularly those who are from low income families and who are at risk for health problems. Since then, it has grown from offering weekly well-child care to daily, full service health care with primary care services for children, adolescents and adults. It is a leader in the greater Long Beach community, addressing disparities in health by providing quality care for the under-served of all ages.

And while we can’t give time to every charity we’d like to, we have selected a few to support monetarily:

  • The Long Beach Rescue Mission: Provides more than 275,000 meals a year, shelter and career training to those among us who need it most.
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children: Provides quality care to children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs within a compassionate, family-centered and collaborative care environment.
  • Tourette Association of America: The premier national non-profit organization working to make life better for all people affected by Tourette and Tic Disorders.
  • International Fellowship of Christians and Jews: Dedicated to promoting understanding between Jews and Christians and building broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. Its vision is that Jews and Christians will reverse their 2,000-year history of discord and replace it with a relationship marked by dialogue, respect, and cooperation.

All of us in email marketing are truly fortunate. At Red Pill Email, we are acutely aware of this and try to demonstrate it by doing and giving what we can where we can.