Once upon a while ago Andrew Kordek got a group of email geeks to change the lyrics to popular songs just for fun.  After seeing my Lady Gaga parody, Spammer Face, Luke Glasner pointed me to Christopher Walken doing a read of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, which got me to thinking….

Since Christopher Walken wasn’t available (within my budget) I found someone that was.

I was having so much fun clowning around that I made a video of the “Don’t Spam” Lady Gaga parody.

Knowing that Morgan Stewart always appreciates some good Nina Simone and Harper Lee, how could I not do a video of “Oh Lord, Boo knows list buying’s no good”?

And then there was the popular “Rage, Rage Against the Buying of The List” that was posted on theeMailguide….

And speaking of Dylan Thomas…. a big thanks to Dylan Boyd for unknowingly giving me the idea for this post!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching the videos as much as I had making them.