After so many years one would think the topic of email list buying (and selling) would be a settled Email Marketing Worst Practice; the worst of the worst practices.  For most it is, but there are still a few out there that tie themselves in knots trying to challenge it. 

I’d said in Passing the True Beauty Email Test I’m at the point of metaphorically hoisting heads on stakes.  And when the opportunity presents itself….

The following is a fictional account of a recent discussion.  Since the “guest” believes that posting to public forums grants license of use to anyone viewing that information to be used anyway the collector of that information sees fit, by participating he gives me permission to use it by default. 

Any similarities between the characters in this episode including appearance, sound, look, speech, quotes, or hairstyles are strictly coincidence.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Stay tuned for our next episode when we will answer emailed questions (with their explicit permission, of course) from some of our viewers.