Almost a year ago Loren McDonald posted an article entitled, “Why The Open Rate Must Die“.  In the article. Loren gave some background as to how the email marketing metric, “Open” came to be, what it’s purpose has been, and how it’s come to change.

I was one of the skeptics that Loren mentions in his article today, “Comments Wanted on the Proposed ‘Render Rate’” in the quest to change “Open” to “Render”.  In the begining I was more in favor of better defining what “open” meant, but as the discussions of the Email Experience Council’s Measurement Accuracy Roundtable progressed, it just made more sense that if we were going to accurately define a metric that the metric be accurately labeled.

Measurement Accuracy Roundtable co-chairs, Luke Glasner & Loren McDonald are now asking for feedback from email marketers, ESPs, agencies, publishers, and others. 

Make sure that your voice is heard.  To download a copy of the Render Rate definitions and how they are calculated, and to leave your comments and feedback, please visit the eec blog.