There are a lot of email geeks and most email geeks drink things; but too few drink things from an Email Geeks mug.  We want to change that.  Starting this month – yes, this month with only a week left – we’re going to start giving away an Email Geeks mug every month.  How can you get one@f1  I’m glad you asked….

There are two ways to get one of these cool mugs; you can buy one (or a set) or you can win one.

How can you win one?  I’m glad you asked….

Once a month we’re going to give an Email Geeks mug to someone who has written a review on of a vendor that they use or have used in the past.

Because not all employers allow their employees to comment on the tools that they use, and because some people are shy or just feel more comfortable speaking freely if they’re not publicly known, allows reviewers to post anonymously.  If you post an anonymous review and want a chance at winning one of those cool Email Geeks mugs, you’ll want to email me at to let me know which review is yours.  Sure, I can find it; after all, I’ve got the keys to the place and access to the back side, but don’t make me work that hard (or take the chance that I’ll mistake you for another “anonymous”).

So what are you waiting for@f2 Post your vendor review now for your chance to win!