In our last episode California primary candidate for Senate, Carly Fiorina got caught posing a broadcast email message as coming from her BlackBerry.  Today she’s getting caught playing fast and loose with subscriber email addresses and domain names….

Just moments ago I received an unsolicited email from “Fiscal Conservatives in Name Only []” – an entity that I never subscribed to.  Since I subscribe to a lot of political messages and know that I haven’t subscribed to that one, the first question that came to mind was, “Who the f*^k is sharing or selling my email address?”

It only took a quick scroll down the message to see, lo and behold, it was the Carly Fiorina campaign.  For the purposes of this post, I took a little trip to (if you want to visit, type or cut-and-paste; I’m not giving them the satisfaction of a link) and wasn’t too surprised to see that the site is “paid for” by none other than “Carly for California”.

Let me state right now that there is no way in hell that I’ll ever vote for someone that thinks that they can trick me with spammy email games.  Or trick me in general for that matter.  I’m not going to go into how I would never cast a vote for a politician that thinks spamming me under different names and/or identities, thinking I’m so stupid that a.) I don’t see what they’re doing, b.) that I’m that gullible or naive, or c.) posing like they’re my friend or neighbor or something – they’re not being “personal”, they’re being insulting.

So, the Fiorina campaign already has me as a subscriber; they try to bullshit me by claiming a mass email is sent from a BlackBerry, and then they obtain a new domain name that’s not in any way associated with the Fiorina campaign then start mailing me from that domain with no notice or warning (like that would make a difference).

What the hell are these people thinking?  Guys, RTFM!  You’re obviously not that smart fcino-1that you can figure it out on your own.  You seriously need to get an email clue.  The same goes for their ESP, emotive.  If you don’t know anything about email messaging and you’re taking peoples money claiming that you do – isn’t there a word for that?  I’m just askin’…. (Question for emotive: how can an ESP be CAN-SPAM compliant?  Sounds spammy to me….)

I can’t personally blame Fiorina for her email messaging techniques, but I can blame her for hiring email idiots and poseurs.  And if that’s how she decides to staff (along with a host of other things) it doesn’t instill much confidence that this asshat would be a better representative than the asshat she’s running to replace.

fcino-2The best marketing in the world doesn’t make a crap-sandwich taste any better, and the email messaging coming out of the Fiorina camp is anything but “best”; or good; or even mediocre when it come to email messaging; unknown sender, crap subject line, weak value proposition – don’t tell me about you opponent, tell me about you – and in my opinion, a weak call to action. 

While I may have been leaning one way or another in this California primary for Senate, the tactics of this latest email campaign from Carly for California have pushed me solidly behind Chuck DeVore.  And props to the folks at Raise Digital that handles DeVore’s online messaging for respecting not only my Inbox, but my intelligence as well….