Everyone in email – and all of their family and friends – have all heard about last month’s Wall Street Journal article, “Why Email No Longer Rules…” Blah blah blah blah….  Anyone that’s been around email long enough has heard it all before….

I won’t belabor the points made by a couple of Cohen’s, Scott & Jordan(related only by email marketing), or even reiterate why I think email is an online 800lb Gorilla.  I won’t even mention that at last week’s Responsys Leaders Forum, David Daniels pointed out that the columnist received her “email is dead” assignment by email, or that she submitted her article by email…. Why bother?  Some *get it*; some refuse to….

But for the sake of argument, let’s just say that email is dead….

I was watching Rory Carlyle struggle in the denial stage today on Twitter in dealing with the demise of email.  Hating to see a fellow email geek in pain, I reminded him that November 2nd is the Day of the Dead – or All Soul’s Day, and that maybe today is a day to celebrate email.

So, I propose that we declare November 2nd to forevermore be known as “Email Day”. 

This way all those that believe email to be dead can celebrate email with those of us that know better.  Maybe we can even petition the USPS to issue a commemorative stamp – after all, they’ve issued them for Yoda and the Simpsons, why not email?  Too ironic?

Of course, instead of writing about ways to improve email messaging, we might have to start writing about how we could have saved email marketing….

What do you think?  Should November 2nd be declared an Email Holiday?