2012 marks the third year for our annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide.  This time we’ve expanded our survey to near 300 data points, with over 30% including the average user skill level to implement those features and functions. 

Other changes for 2012 include combining our North American and European editions into one really big International Guide, and we’ll be offering a separate Small Market Edition featuring vendors specializing in the smaller markets, too.  For 2012 we’ll be breaking out vendors by their targeted markets to set the boundaries for apples-to-apples comparisons, keeping in mind that most vendors won’t be limited by those boundaries.  The on-premise solution break-out will be back, joined by other break-outs that include full-service, vertical markets, and automation.

 So what else is new for 2012?

More new data points for 2012 include verticals and markets targeted by ESPs; geeky things like SLAs, Redundancy, Security Policies, Disaster Recovery, and Data Back-up.  The number of API functions that we survey has almost doubled, and we’ve added other deeper-drill questions to just about every category; including integrated SMS, Video, and Share-To-Social tracking and reporting.

We’ve marked the last week of January for the release of the Guide, and don’t be surprised if you see me with a few printed copies at Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit 2012 or the Email Experience Council’s 2012 Email Evolution Conference.