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I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

We focus on the Tactical, Technical, and Analytical elements of Email Marketing and applying them to quickly bring our clients email messaging online. We don’t just crunch numbers, we show what they mean and how to use the results to improve your messaging.

  • Email Vendor Evaluation & Selection

    The average email marketer will be involved in selecting a vendor for their organization a few times in their career; we’re involved in client vendor selection several times a year.  From producing our Annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide, our insight into vendor capabilities is second to none.  We’ve leveraged our years of experience in vendor evaluation and selection to develop an effective process designed to most closely match vendors to the client’s needs.

  • Migration, Integration, & Automation

    Moving from one email deployment vendor to another can be overwhelming the first few times.  For us those first few times were a long time ago.  Based on our years of experience migrating and integrating dozens of client’s to a new vendor, we’ve developed a process for this, too.  We’ll lay out the steps to take and order of implementation for a transparent and successful vendor migration.

  • Reporting Dashboards

    Our reporting dashboards provide the ability to quickly view data for informed observations and business decisions. Dashboard charts, graphs, tables, and gauges provide a snapshot of your key metrics and performance indicators for day-to-day decisions and month-over-month reporting with a robust platform for monitoring, visualizing and analyzing associated data.

  • Analytic Analysis & Persona Profiling

    Cluster, Scale, Factor, Meta, Regression, or Multivariate, we go deep into client’s data to gain the insight needed to maximize revenue.  We provide the intelligence needed to consistently optimize efforts, resources, and revenue.

  • Production Services

    Contracted production services and blocked time units available to Agencies and select clients.

  • Bonded and Insured

    Contracted production services and blocked time units available to Agencies and select clients.

  • Performance Optimization

    Strategies and tactics to boost the ROI of specific campaigns – or of your entire email marketing program.

  • Design, Coding, & Copywriting

    Email messages today are read on a variety of devices and screens of all sizes. Our designers and coders make sure that your email messages look good regardless of where your message is viewed. With email seconds count in capturing your recipient’s attention. Our experienced copy writers can help write compelling copy and targeted content that can maximize your brand and your bottom line.

  • Messaging & Content Strategy

    Maybe you want to develop a new lifecycle email marketing program, or maybe you just want to find holes in or improve your existing programs. We can help you formulate and act on a comprehensive email marketing strategy that meets and exceeds your organization's goals.

  • Targeted Content

    Today’s marketing is based on the user and their preferences. We implement systems to capture the type of content the user prefers and dynamically swap that content to ensure that the user is seeing the most relevant content for them.

  • Training & Workshops

    Our trainers are some of the best in the business. Strategy and Tactical workshops include case studies, real-life examples and interactive exercises to help attendees walk away with practical knowledge they can use to boost bottom line performance.

  • Social Integration

    Our social marketers are working to place content where your users are looking for it. We look at your users behaviors to determine the most appropriate and most accurate content to display to them.

  • Deliverability Optimization

    Getting your email marketing campaigns into your subscribers’ inboxes is the first and most necessary step to email marketing success. At Red Pill Email, we have a team of email deliverability experts who work to ensure your delivery rate remains one of the highest in the email marketing industry.

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