Red Pill Email Turns 12!

Wow, that was fast-probably because the work we do is so enjoyable and satisfying. Today marks 12 years since I founded Red Pill Email. In that time we have helped more than 50 companies select and integrate email service providers and have helped dozens of companies...

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Giving Thanks

On Thanksgiving Day, we’re supposed to pause and give thanks for the things we’re grateful for before we carbohydrate ourselves into a stuffing- and gravy-filled stupor. On a personal level, I have a lot to be thankful for. But there is one thing everyone reading this...

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Who’s Your Data?

The following scenario is all too common: An organization outgrows its email service provider. Its team spends the time, effort and money necessary to make the switch. The new ESP is sending email and the company’s account at the old provider has been shut down. Suddenly, the company’s email-list growth slows significantly.

Oops. Turns out in making the switch, the internal team left a web signup form behind.

Somewhere, there is a signup form accepting email addresses and sending them nowhere. The organization’s brand is being damaged because people are subscribing and getting ignored. The company is missing sales opportunities that should be coming in along with those addresses.

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My 2016 Short List of Rising Email Stars

It’s time once again for my annual Short List of Rising Email Stars.  In previous years client side email marketers have been acknowledged in even numbered years and the vendor side in odd.  That changed in 2014 when both client and vendor side email marketers were...

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